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Acknowledgement by our parents

** From Monica, parent of 4 yo child (2020), OUG **


It is my pleasure to recommend TotalChild as my first choice preschool. Their teaching method and skills is useful and effective for kids. Contrary to traditional style of teaching, TotalChild provides fun learning program which children learn while they are playing and so much hands on activities which children enjoy it so much. My child has grown so much after joining TotalChild. He is very active and playful boy who cannot sit quietly to learn, therefore TotalChild method is suitable for him, play and learn at the same time. After awhile he able to concentrate his work and listening to class teacher as well. Surprisingly he can read for me nowadays in English and Mandarin as well. I also would like to thank his class teacher for her hard work and pay so much patience on him. She is kind and skillful of teaching in class. I am happy that my child happily goes to TotalChild everyday.


** Ms Emily Wong, parent of 6yo child (2019), Kota Kemuning **


“I choose TotalChild due to my elder son Lee Yu Hang was graduated in year 2016. After my son graduated,I found that the school has much improvement on teacher quality, school cleanness, more fun & play activities. That is why for my second and third child were registered to TotalChild too and my 4th boy will be joining next year. My kids always still prefer play day section. But overall it is balanced with academic, play time, hands on activities and nature feel in the classroom. Teacher quality is improving. Management organised teacher’s training, team guiding do helps teacher to improve on teaching skills, add on more knowledge and the most important thing is more creativity. Teachers are more creative, caring and loving. My daughter now speaks very well and very expressive compare with when she first joined TotalChild. It is good, and all my children love it and enjoyed with a lots of improvement.”

Damian was a child with unique character; put him in an environment of familiar faces he would behave like his normal cheerful self, but with strangers he will be aloof, quiet and reserved. We as parents are naturally worried and thought he would have learning disability and speech issues, so we quickly enrolled him at the age of 3 into a nursery within the vicinity in the hope that via socializing with other children and with teachers’ guidance he would improve, but he didn’t. While we’re scouting for other schools we came across TotalChild where Ms. Shannon (the MD) spoke to us directly. She told us that every child is special and needs space, freedom and engagement to grow, and that is what TotalChild gave to my little Damian. Children do best when they are given freedom to explore their space and interest, and Damian discovered his true self – he laughs with his friends, greets strangers, makes jokes, and no longer afraid to explore new things. The teachers are dedicated and patient even though Damian was not an easy child to nurture. Thank you TotalChild!

** Siew Yong, parent of 6yo (2020), Kepong **

Our daughters started attending TotalChild in February 2020, and it has been wonderful for us as we have seen improvements in our children’s behavior and excitement to go to school.

We choose TotalChild because it has demonstrated their holistic curriculum and most importantly care for their students’ wellbeing and development. It shows when our daughters are excited to go to school in the morning and start singing whilst in the car. Ms. Vaythesh, their homeroom teacher truly shows the care and concern of an educator. This is truly welcoming as I believe this truly gives a positive nurture to our future generation.

Our girls are still as mischievous as their brother is but they are developing positive curiosity to the surroundings like learning to interact with others.

** Mr Lee, parent of 3yo child (2020), Taman Desa **

** Mr Lai, parent of 6yo child (2015), Kota Kemuning **


“My son Lai Hong Zhe, studied at TotalChild since he is 4, and graduated in 2015. His favorite activity at school is Friday Play Day. I still remembered that the school implemented Friday play corner when he was 5. He came home and shared with me a lot about his experience at play corners. He made new friends, he got to play in the sand, he built robots using a box, he created his favorite dinosaur with play dough, and etc. He has wonderful and fun learning memories with play at TotalChild.”

** Mrs Tan, parent of 4yo child (2020), OUG **


TotalChild’s teaching philosophy matches my need. They value the uniqueness in different kids, emphasis fun learning and bringing out the best in them. Further, teachers in TotalChild OUG are proactive in providing regular updates on my child’s progress and constantly share with me on the activities happening in preschool. It makes me feel assured that my child is well cared for, is enjoying the activities and feeling HAPPY!

We choose TotalChild because it was recommended by friends, their daughter went to TotalChild before. The environment in TotalChild is good, we were impressed by the big field and classrooms structure during 1st visit. Soon Wai looks forward for every Friday. He excitedly explained how he learned about plants, insects (espeically grasshopper) and importance about recycling to me. He also enjoys outdoor activities like playing football, monkey bars, flying kites. I noticed all teachers are very patience and helpful. Soon Wai has become more chatty. In the first year, he was very quiet, keep everything to himself. He is more willing to share his feeling now, no matter it is good or bad.

** Mrs. Wong, parent of 6yo child (2020), Kota Kemuning **

We have chosen TotalChild for our children because we are interested and also agreed on the concept of how the school develops the kids. We prefer the kids able to “play to learn & learn to play” through any equipment, toys or expose the kids to nature instead of only reading books inside an air-cond room. We especially like the “Play Day” on every Friday to let kids decide what they want to play which they are able to learn from all the play corners.

The teachers are so helpful and friendly and we greatly appreciate that the teachers are helping and assisting to monitor my daughter’s eye vision because she got short-sighted in one eye only.

The school environment in which the classroom got enough natural light, having a playground/garden and school hygiene is also an important factor for us to choose TotalChild.

** Mrs Choo, parent of 3yo & 4yo child (2020), Taman Desa **

I like the concept of play for TotalChild. Every Friday it’s a play day for kids. My child looking forward for play day on every Friday as they learn while playing. The class teacher is good. They interacted closely to children and they are able to handle kids professionally. For my son, he learned a lot from “Young Researcher Project”. For this project kids are able to express out their feelings and find solutions for it. One part that my son enjoyed was about the knowledge of sharks. From this project he recognised all sharks body parts and also the do’s and don’t for the survival of sharks.

** Ms. Azrina, parent of 6yo child (2019), Kota Kemuning **

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