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A: A preschool is an early learning institution for young children prior to formal schooling. Children as young as 2.5 years can begin their learning journey at TotalChild Preschool until they turn 6. At the preschool, children learn through play-based and hands-on activities along with the mastery of early literacy and mathematic skills. More importantly, preschool strengthens children’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional development; expands their knowledge and understanding of the world and enhances their transition to school. There are four levels of TotalChild Preschool: Pre-Kindy 1, Pre-Kindy 2, Kindy 1 and Kindy 2.

A: Ask yourself the following questions:
1. Is your child emotionally independent?
2. Is he toilet-trained?
3. Is he aware of personal safety (won’t chew non-food objects) and hygiene?
4. Is he curious about things around him and keeps asking questions?
5. Does he respond to all adults and is willing to cooperate most of the time?
6. Is he willing to attempt new experiences?
7. Does he interact positively with other children?
8. Can he focus on one activity for an extended period?
9. Is he willing to be disciplined?
10. Does he look after his belongings?
If you answer ‘NO’ to more than 50% of the questions, you may need to consider starting preschool a bit later.

A: TotalChild Preschool offers a wholesome curriculum that not only sets high academic expectations, but also fosters outstanding characters, as well as maximising children’s potential. Children are learning in a conducive environment where love, connection, respect and teamwork are the highlights of daily interaction. Children at TotalChild Preschool are independent and motivated learners, they are functional and sociable, they welcome challenges and find ways to solve problems within their capability.

A: Be early on the first day! Don’t panic your child or yourself by having to rush. As your child leaves home for his first day of kindergarten, let him know how proud you are. Go to school with your child – but don’t stay too long – and be patient. Many young children are overwhelmed at first because they haven’t had much experience in dealing with new situations. They may not like school immediately. Your child may cry or cling to you when you say goodbye each morning but with support from you and their teachers this can change rapidly. Be prepared for your own feelings – it can be a very emotional time for you as well. Consider volunteering at your school – the teachers might appreciate having an extra adult to help do everything from passing out paper and pencils to supervising children on the playground.

A: The teachers are trained in early childhood education. Majority of them are university degree holders. They receive regular in-house training in order to perform teaching effectively. Most importantly, the teachers are passionate about educating children.

A: We practise inclusive curriculum that children can learn at their own paces. Children who are diagnosed with learning difficulties (i.e. Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD) can enroll in TotalChild Preschool following prior evaluation with our specialist. Children with more severe disabilities (i.e. autism, blindness, hearing impairment) might not be eligible due to the levels of complications of disabilities.

A: Please refer to “Preschool” and “ The Curriculum” section.

A: Definitely. We understand that children vary in development and subject of interests. Application of MI approach in the preschool is going to benefit individual child in his/her personal development.

A: Yes. However, the national language, Malay (Bahasa Malaysia) and Chinese are also being emphasised in the curriculum. Children learn how to converse, read and write in these three languages.

A: TotalChild Preschool is open for registration for the next school year from September onwards. However interested parents can make an appointment to meet the principal for more information on the curriculum and school fees, as well as to view the preschool environment. It is advisable to visit the preschool yourself for the first time and bring along your child during the second visit.

A: It is absolutely possible for your child to resist attending preschool in the beginning. If this is your worry, for children younger than 4-years-old, we advise you allow at least a month for your child to get adjusted to the school environment and settle down. Meanwhile our staff will work closely with you to monitor your child’s progress. You are most welcome to bring your child to try out one or two days in the classroom before you decide to enrol.

A: The teacher-student ratio at TotalChild Preschool is relatively low in order to deliver the curriculum effectively. 1 : 6-8 for 3-year-olds or younger, 1 : 15 for 4-year-olds, 1 : 18 for 5- and 6-year-olds.

A: We believe that behaviour problems can be minimised under a spacious, cheerful and organised learning environment. The teachers use positive reinforcement in discipline and they follow “Behaviour Management Policy” when handling challenging children. There are three steps of behaviour management ranging from giving reminders to calling the parent for a conference in order to resolve the issue.

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